Christmas Party Checklist

Christmas Party Checklist

Yes, it is that time of year.  Time to make sure you have arranged your corporate Christmas Party.


Decide who is running the event. – Sometimes this is one person or a committee of staff.  If it is a large event, consider an event management company.   Often your caterer will be able to provide advice on the event operations.

Set the date – Make sure the people you want at the party are available.  The date may change based on the availability of many of the items in the checklist below.

Decide who will be invited – Is the event for staff, clients, suppliers or a combination of all three.

Set your budget – Find out what the budget is, then move on to arranging the event within the budget.   It is a waste of your time to “get ideas” and quotes if it will never be approved.

Allocate the budget – decide what are the important aspects of the event and how to allocate the budget.

Decide on the style – ask yourself if the event will have a theme.

Find a venue – venue space is limited for Christmas parties.  The venue must both be available and be ideally suited to your size and style.   Remember, if the venue is too big for your guest numbers, it will impact on the atmosphere.  Also consider the location carefully, especially transport options to and from the venue at the end of the event.

Theming, styling and decorations – Make it look good.  The styling really sets the theme of the occasion.   If you are going to the effort to hold the event,  make sure everyone remembers it.

Find a caterer –  The most important part of booking a Christmas Party.  Call us now to discuss your event.

Entertainment – Make it appropriate for the event.

Book it in – don’t be left without an option.   Partners will not usually hold space or availability for you if they have not heard from you.

And finally – enjoy yourself